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Torta de Argao
Torta de Argao

Torta de Argao by Lola D Reseller Program

We are proud of the quality and great feedback of those who have tried our Torta. Most of our resellers don't have to sell but only to distribute. We welcome trustworthy and reliable resellers. We build trust with our customers more than we value the gains.

Our resellers as our partner can really gain from the retails. "Buhay-buhay lang ta" equally.

Basic requirements
- Minimum order of 2 dozens if within Argao. Minimum order to be set if outside Argao.
- Place orders 2-3 days prior.
- We agree and schedule deliveries according to locations.
- COD only.

Send your intent to or message us in our facebook page.

Torta de Argao

DTI Registered

Torta de Argao by Lola D is DTI registered.