Torta de Argao by Lola D

Torta de Argao

Argao - Home of the best Torta Maker

Argao is known for heritage and cultural buildings that are preserved and can be seen even in our current time. In terms of food specialties and delicacies, Argao is well known for it’s delicious Torta.
Torta is a sweet and tangy pastry that is larger than a typical cupcake or muffin. Local makers have their own versions and varieties of Torta.

Torta de Argao

Brief story of Lola D's Torta

Torta de Argao

Lola D or more familiar with name “Dedeth” makes torta since the 80’s, no brand, no name and is an order to make during big parties like birthdays, fiestas, weddings and etc. It was even discontinued for some years… Time passed when she got a grand daughter inspiring her to resurrect the best, sought after Torta in the locality of Argao.

Torta de Argao

Lola D's Two main Torta Variations

Lola D's Torta have few more variations like choco, ube and more. However most in demand product is the natural taste of original (plain) torta. On ocassions (which is seasonal) there is also Torta de Tuba. Tuba is a local name for coconut wine which is blended into our Torta to make that differentiated splendid taste each bite.

Torta de Argao

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Email: tortadeargao@gmail.com

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Torta de Argao

Happy Customers

"Simply a differentiated taste so far of all torta that I have tasted. Super yum and delicious!"


"Lami kaayo nga imong balik-balikon ug order. Highly recommended, try gyud mo sa Lola D’s Torta."


"Lipay kaayo silang mama pagkatilaw sa torta, lami kuno kaayo. Thank you Lola D!"



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